Y’lyru (ee-leer-oo) is the oldest of all the gods, Demon-Lord of all that is chaos and oblivion. It is said that Y’lyru used existence itself as a playground, creating and destroying at a whim. It was during one of Y’lyru’s particularly fanciful creations that he accidentally brought Mephilon into life. Mephilon wrestled control from Y’lyru and brought the other gods to life in order to keep Y’lyru from destroying him. Y’lyru was never able to take back his full power and to this day continues to battle against Mephilon and his followers.

Now Y’lyru crawls and skitters through the spheres and the dark recesses of Arkovus, ever plotting the time when darkness and oblivion reclaim all.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Death

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